MoonPod, the beanbag that is simulating the flotation therapy

Moon Pod is a beanbag made for relaxation, insomnia and anxiety that has been launched in Kickstarter recently. It reproduces the benefits of Flotation therapy by delivering a feeling of weightlessness in all position, all day long.

Bean bags have become a recognised piece of furniture and they have been used since 1969 for people to enjoy coffee and cigarette breaks. Bean bags can be made of several materials such as leather or polyester and some of them can even be used outside. The filling with microbreads will adapt to your body and provide a sense of hug and beanbags have been commonly used as comfortable chairs or couch.

Moon Pod has been designed specifically to mimic the feeling of the Flotation Therapy that have helped many persons suffering from stress, anxiety, insomnia and other disorders such as PTSD and ADHD.
The inner shell is made from a special material and filled with custom micro breads that have been engineered to marry the shapes of your body and get more the feeling of floating and feeling surrounded.
The external wall is extremely pleasant to the touch and it adapts perfectly to the different position that MoonPod can adopt. This beanbag is not a beanbag like any other, it has been specifically designed to provide maximum comfort while using science to help you reduce stress and anxiety.

Moon Pod is very flexible, it can be used as a chair to read or work. It can also be used as a coach to relax even more and watch TV. It can also be used as a means of absolute relaxation to nap and take time for you.
No matter what position you adopt, MoonPod has been designed to give you a lightweight experience like you’ve never seen before.

Why MoonPod ?

A very functional beanbag :

Moon Pod has been designed to match into any atmospheres. It is washable in a washing machine and it has been designed to be friendly with your favorite animal.

A total support, perfectly adapted to your morphology.

Microbeads specially designed to reproduce the floating sensation will perfectly match your body as soon as you come in contact with your Moon Pod. The feeling of lightness is incredible and you will feel on your beanbag as in the air.

Whatever your desire, Moon Pod has a suitable position for you.

Your Moon Pod can be transformed into a pouf or a chair according to your wishes. It can also help to relax by being elongated on your favorite beanbag.

A feeling of lightness

Have you ever felt like floating in the air, as if gravity no longer existed? it is exactly the sensation that reproduces MoonPod and its thousands of microbeads studied specifically to reproduce the sensation of flotation. This sensation is used in therapy and helps to relieve stress and anxiety.

A beanbag has never been so convenient to put away.

These extremely light microbeads have been designed to reproduce the feeling of floating, but also to be easily stored because your Moon Pod weighs just over 10 lbs and its footprint is very small. Although it can be stored very easily, you will not enjoy this advantage often because Moon Pod can replace your chair, your ottoman, your fatboy, and it is the best place to take a nap after a long day.

What are the benefits of using MoonPod ?

Moon Pod has been designed to replicate the benefits of the most well-known and effective therapies and here is how Moon Pod will help you:

Moon Pod will help you reduce stress and improve your sleep as soon as you get in touch with it and enjoy the feeling of lightness it provides.

The feeling of lightness that it provides also allows to develop your creativity, because the body can relax completely and you are free to think.

Moon Pod also improves blood circulation and reduces the risk of depression by the support and maintenance it provides and the feeling of lightness and ralaxaton it generates.

It has also been shown that the semi-elongated position with a 135 degree body opening is the best position for positioning your body.

The best tool for quick napping.

You certainly know that weighted blankets are extremely effective for falling asleep quickly and having quality sleep during a 10-minute nap after your work day. Thousands of people have benefited from the benefits of weighted blankets and have been able to transform their lives by adding “a second day” to their day without feeling tired and by being on top of their abilities.

But that’s not all! The use of Moon Pod with a weighted blanket further enhances the benefits that a simple nap can produce. The combination of lightness and weight provides an incredible feeling: you feel perfectly safe under your weighted blanket, while having the impression of floating in the air!

A feeling of lightness never seen

Whatever your morphology and weight, the microbeads will perfectly shape your body and support you fully, without creating any pressure on one part of the body over another. The feeling of lightness is immediate and you feel supported in every way.

A large majority of mattresses and sofas promise an incredible experience of support and lightness, but few really manage to deliver an experience worthy of the name.
It is because Moon Pod has developed a particular filling that it manages to provide an incredible experience like the one that customers share.

What is the floating therapy?

The floating therapy is an alternative medicine practice that has made a lot of noise lately and that allow you to relax, to remove stress and develop your creativity while floating in an isolation tank or a sensory deprivation tank (also known as float tank) filled with a layer of salt water at skin temperature.

For about an hour, you will lie down in a warm water and concentrate on the feeling of flotation, being surrounded by water and being perfectly supported. The patients say that they have completely lost the sense of time and that their worries simply evaporated. The benefits of this practice are unbelievable on stress, anxiety, sleep, reconnecting with oneself and creating an inner void.

The flotation therapy and isolation tank were developed by John C. Lilly in 1954. John C. Is a medical practitioner and neuropsychiatrist and since then, flotation helped many people like Carl Lewis and many more.

Why is Moon Pod required?

About 60% of the American population suffer from stress, anxiety and sleep disorders and it can impact their health or their well being as well as the well being of their family.
Most of Americans don’t see stress as it is and we tend to think that our situation is better than it is in reality.

How is made MoonPod?

The outer layer works with the inner layer to deliver the best possible experience as soon as you sit on your Moonpod.

The membranes must be both very flexible and hold the microbeads inside this bean bag while providing maximum comfort.

The outer surface is machine washable and you do not have to worry about your dog or cat. It has been designed to last and stay perfectly in shape for years.

The filling of Moon Pod is made with micro balls specially designed to provide a feeling of lightness and well-being.

What are the scientific evidences behind Moonpod?

From the project page, we can see that they have designed Moon Pod from the following studies and articles :

Flotation restricted environmental stimulation therapy (REST) as a stress-management tool: A meta-analysis

The science behind power naps, and why they’re so damn good for you

Improving Alertness and Performance in Emergency Department Physicians and Nurses: The Use of Planned Naps

Comparing the benefits of caffeine, naps and placebo on verbal, motor and perceptual memory



We can see that stress and sleep are the two main pillars to focus on for best health and happiness, and Moon Pod has been designed to do just that : to help you relax deeply and reduce stress while having the perfect nap during the day.

Moon Pod is one of those great innovative product that can change your life for the better, so jump on it and bring this innovative bean bag into your life.